LaVERDAD Research

LaVERDAD Research provides a vital service to end clients, brands, advertising agencies as well as other research firms. 

Our consumer and healthcare marketing research practice studies the habits, behaviors and beliefs of individual people while our business-to-business marketing research investigates the markets and opportunities for products and services sold by one business to another.

Consumer market research is a form of applied sociology that concentrates on understanding the behaviors, whims and preferences, of consumers in a market-based economy, and aims to understand the effects and comparative success of marketing campaigns. The field of consumer marketing research as a statistical science was pioneered by Arthur Nielsen with the founding of the ACNielsen Company in 1923.

Thus, our marketing research is the systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, and dissemination of information for the purpose of assisting management in decision making related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing. The ultimate goal is to identify and assess how changing elements of the marketing mix impacts customer behavior.

We ensure that marketing research is conducted “in-culture” and when appropriate, “in-language.” 

All projects are conducted with experienced bilingual staff according to a client’s project specifications. We manage design, national fieldwork, data entry, and tabulation.

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